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LRB Mattresses

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Minrock Lightly Bonded Mattressess (LRB)
consist of fine fibres spun from selected rocks melted at a high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. They are then felted in a predetermined fibre lay pattern and are baked to form preformed mattressess of pre determined density and thickness with uniform fibre distribution. Mattresses are then stitched,slit and chopped to specified dimensions.Minrock LRB has excellent stability and has no chicken feathering which pollutes the atmosphere during application. It has controlled thickness and density resulting in predictable heat lossess.

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Minrock LRB mattressess are used for both hot and cold Insulation to conserve energy, maintain process temperature, provide personnel protection, prevent condensation and reduce noise level. Minrock LRB mattressess are used for thermal Insulation of pipe, tanks, equipments, boilers, electrostatic precipitators, flues and ventilation ducts, ovens, furnaces, kilns and fire Insulation of fire doors.


    Standard size and Packing

   Size of the Mattresses

   1640 mm X 1220 mm


   25 mm to 100 mm

   Density (Kg/Cu.m)

   85, 100, 120, 150

   Metal Facing

   G.I.Hexagonal wire netting 3/4" X 24 G
   SS available on request

   Standard Packing

   Polythene bonded hessian / LDPE

   Others options of wire netting, density & thickness are available on request.


    Compression resistance

Minrock mattressess offer high resistance to compression, Minrock LRB mattessess regain their normal thickness after removal of a compressive load.

    Moisture Resistance

Minrock rockwool mattressess are water repellant and do not absorb moisture by capillary action or ambient moisture from the atmosphere. Should blankets become wet, full thermal efficiency will be restored on drying

    Corrosion Resistance

Will not cause, initiate or promote corrosion.

    Fire Resistance

Minrock mattressess are incombustible and resist spread of flames.


    Maximum Service Temperature

750 Deg/Cel


Minrock mattressess are designed for maximum flexibility. They will essentially retain their thickness while conforming to virtually any irregular shape. Retention of fibres by the wire mesh prevents any cracking or breaking

    Thermal Conductivity

Minrock products have low K-values for wide range of temperatures. Typical thermal conductivity values are given in the graph for various densities and mean temperatures.

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