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Minrock Rockwool Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) consists of fine fibres apun from molten natural rock bonded with a thermosetting resin. The sections are moulded to ensure a firm fit around the piping and the outer surface is round to ensure that correct Insulation thickness is achieved and to provide a smooth, even surface.

Minrock Rockwool SPI products are available for hot face temperatures upto 750oC.Minrock Rockwool SPI are supplied as one - piece sections of one metre length, upto 4" N.B. and with slit along the longitudanal axis in two sections for 4" N.B. and above. Sections are easily installed by opening the slit and springing the section into position over the pipe.

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Minrock Rockwool SPI is used on both hot and cold piping to conserve energy, maintain, process temperatures, provide personal protection,prevent condensation, and to reduce noise emission, Minrock Rockwool SPI should retained by wire or metal bands in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, and protected if required by metal cladding, mastic or other suitable cating.


    Standard size and Packing

   Pipe nominal Bore

   15 mm to 350 mm

   Wall Thickness

   25 mm to 100 mm


   1000 mm

   Standard Packing

   Cardboard Cartons. The number of sections per pack depends on the size of the

   Density (Kg/Cu.m.)



    Compression resistance

Minrock Rockwool SPI is a resilient Insulation material which readily recovers to its nominal thickness after the removal of a normal compressive load.

    Moisture Resistance

Minrock Rockwool SPI are water repellant and do not absorb moisture by capillary action of ambient moisture from the atmosphere. Should they become wet, full thermal efficiency will be restored on drying out.

    Corrosion Resistance

Will not cause, Initiate or promote corrosion.

    Fire Resistance

Minrock SPI are incombustible and resist spread of flames.


    Maximum Service Temperature

750 Deg/Cel

    Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of Minrock Rockwool SPI varies with the mean temperature of the Insulation as shown in the graph. The curve is based on measurements made with a guarded hot-plate apparatus in accordance with IS 3346 - 1992.


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